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Ken Yeo 杨全荣的个人网站

1 Timothy 4

v4: Everything God created is good.

However in today’s world, we human have created many food and polluted our food chain so drastically that a lot of what we called food are no longer the food originally created by God. I am referring to highly processed food, genetics modified organic, hormone given our animals and extensive pesticides. May the Lord gives us wisdom in choosing the food created by Him and partake the food with thanks giving heart.

v7: train yourself to be godly

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things. Many people spend hours in physical training, but completed ignore spiritual training. Just like our body needs training to be strong and healthy, our spirit needs training to be strong and healthy.

v16: Watch your life and doctrine closely

Two most important things when we want to be teaching others about spiritual things. First is our life, second is our doctrine, or our knowledge of God’s truth.

Our life needs to reflect the likeness of Christ. We need to know the word of God by studying and meditating of His words on daily basis.

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