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Psalm 58

This Psalm may have been written late in David’s exile, or early in his reign in Hebron.

David referred to the wicked (v3) and unrighteous(v2) people as lion (v) , serpent and cobra (v4). He was probably referring to officials of Saul, e.g. Doeg the Edomite. (1 Sam 22:9).

David knew that revenge is of God (Deut 32:35, Heb 10:30, Rom 12:19). David didn’t carry any revenge himself but he would prayed to God will judge the unrighteous (v6).

v10: [wash his feet in the blood]. Walking in cream and oil was a picture of wealth (Job 29:6). Walking in blood was a picture of great victory.

v11: God will vindicate Himself, the unrighteous will be punished, so that men will say “Surely there is a God who judges on earth!”

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