1 Chronicles 25

Serving the LORD with music

This chapter is about the musicians who served in the house of God.

We notice the following characteristics in the music ministry:

  1. The musical ministry was led by three men, instead of just one man: Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun (v1)
  2. Multiple kind of musical instruments were used: harps, lyres and cymbals (v1)
  3. The leaders were prophesying through music. Prophesy means foretelling and forth telling. The musicians were proclaiming to truth of God through their musics (v1)
  4. They used music to give thanks and to praise the LORD (v3)
  5. Heman, one of the three leaders was also the king’s seer. A seer is someone who has strong senses of the will of the God. (v5)
  6. The musicians were under supervision of their fathers, whom were under supervision of the king (v6).
  7. All of them were trained and skilled in the music for the LORD.

Music was not part of the original worship in the tabernacle as commanded by the LORD through Moses (Ex 23 – 40). Although Moses himself was a musician, he wrote Plasm 90, and he lead the Israelites in a song to praise the LORD after the LORD has led them across the red sea (Ex 15).

David established the musical worship in the house of God, and since then the Jews and Christians have been worshipping God using musics.

How can we apply what we learn in this chapter in today’s church?

The worship of God through music is a significant part of Christians worship. Although we have leaders who led the singing,  it is extremely important that these leaders need to be Godly men, who are under the supervision of the King, our Lord Jesus.

Our songs need to be proclaiming truth, that means lyrics should have the depth and breadth of the truth revealed in scriptures regarding who the Lord Jesus is and what He did for us.

The musicians should be gifted in their skills. They should be trained so that the music would help the saints in worshipping the LORD.

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