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Mark 2:13-3:6 – Opposition Against Jesus

Opposition stirs against the Ministry of Jesus based on 4 events

  • Jesus with the tax collectors and sinners  (v16)
  • Not observing fasting  ()
  • Getting food on the Sabbath ()
  • Healing on the Sabbath ()


  1. Tax collectors
    • Calling of Levi (Matthew)
    • Shown to be universally as corrupt
      • Luke 18:13
      • Zacchaeus Luke 19:2 – 8
    • Hated by the religious authorities
      • Collected taxes for the Herodites and Romans.


Pharisees accuses Jesus of defilement due to a fellowship with sinners.

Response from Jesus

    • Jesus is among sinners because they need Him v17
    • Jesus is shown to be a healer/physician Luke(4:)


  1. Fasting
    • Fasting is not something God explicitly commands people to do often. (Lev 16:29-31)
    • If done, it must be done for the right reasons
    • Done in secrecy, and humbly (Matt 6:16)
    • Understanding that it is not necessarily of spiritual value


Charge against Jesus’ disciples is the lack of seriousness and solemnity in life.

Response from Jesus

    • 2 illustrations
    • Wedding – Feasting in joy because of the Jesus v19
      • Illustrates the joy that all who are near Jesus can possess.
      • David and the return of the Ark. God’s presence brings joy. (2Sam 6:16)
      • Foreshadows, that Jesus will be taken away, and mourning will come (v20)
    • Wineskin and cloth
      • Contrast new and old. V21-22, Matt 9:17
        • Jesus brings a new way of experiencing God
        • Fast vs Feast; Sackcloth vs. Purple cloth, solemn vs Joy

True fasting (Isaiah 58)

  1. Sabbath

Disciples were gathering food to eat on the Sabbath (v23), Deut 23:25, Luke 6:1-2

    • Technically nothing wrong.


Charge is against Jesus and His disciples’ failure to recognize and separate the secular and  sacred.

Response from Jesus

    • Illustration using David. 1Sam 21:1-6
    • David and his companions were hungry and in need
    • Hunger is a natural response
      • To feed oneself is a sacred and healthy thing
      • To feed oneself in a way forbidden is wrong
      • Refer to Col 2:16
    • Jesus reveals the true purpose of the Sabbath
    • It is made for man.
    • It is to be a benefit for the people, (restoration)
    • A shadow of the eternal peace in Jesus (Hebrews 10:1)
    • Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath
    • “Our Lord however answered the charge of failure to distinguish between the sacred and the secular, by enlarging the area of the sacred, and bringing into it man with all his essential needs; for the sanctity of man is the final secret of the sanctity of the Sabbath. Therefore whatever is necessary for holiness and health, is sacred as is the hour of worship, and must be observed. “ Morgan Campbell


  1. Healing on the Sabbath
    • Important things to know.
      • Pharisees believed in the miracles that Jesus performed
      • The man was not in any danger of dying


Jesus shows us that there really is no middle ground.

Matt 12:11-12; Luke 6:9

Jesus did not sit and wait till the next day to heal. He healed on the Sabbath. 

Pharisees  were intent on killing Jesus on the Sabbath.

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