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Mark 1:35-2:12 – For that is what I came for

In Capernaum

  • When if was still dark, Jesus got up (1:35).
    • Even though Jesus had a long day on Sabbath (teaching, casting out demons, healing)(1:21-34)
    • Jesus escaped the city, the crowds, to be alone with God the father
    • He knew a busy day is ahead of Him, He needed to draw energy from God
    • When do you wake up?
    • How much time you spend in prayers?
  • Jesus’s quiet time was broken was Peter’s and friends (1:37)
    • Many came to look for Jesus because they heard what Jesus did the day before
    • Why do these people came to look for Jesus?
    • Jesus’s response: “Let us go somewhere else to preach…” (1:38)
    • Why did Jesus want to return back to Capernaum?
    • What is Jesus’s primary ministry? Teaching? Healing? Casting out demons? (1:38)

Throughout Galilee

  • Jesus went to synagogues in smaller towns and villages throughout all Galilee to preach, casting out the demons (1:39), and healing (Matt 4:23)
    • The Gospel is for everyone, regardless of where they stay, in cities or in villages
    • Large crowds followed Jesus, they came from Galilee, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea, beyond the Jordan (Matt 4:25)
  • Healing of the leper (1:40-45)
    • Took place at the foot of the mountain where Jesus gave the sermon on the mount (Matt 8:1)
    • Why didn’t Mark record the sermon of the mount (Matt Ch5-Ch7)?
    • Healing and holiness
    • Jesus moved with compassion, touched the man (1:41). Our Lord is always willing to forgive our sins when we cry out to Him (1:41)
    • Law regarding dealing with leprosy – Lev Ch 13-14
      • Ch 13 – Identifying leprosy
      • Ch 14 – Cleaning leprosy
        • Two birds
          • What do these birds represent?
        • 2 + 1 lambs
          • What do these lambs represent?
          • blood on right ear, right thumb and right big toe (Lev14:34)
          • oil on right ear, right thumb and right big toe and on head(Lev14:35)
          • guilt offering (Lev 14:12) sin offering (Lev 14:19) burnt offering (Lev 14:20) grain offering (Lev 14:20)
    • Jesus told the man to obey the law to find a priest (1:44)
    • Jesus told the leper not to tell anyone, but the leper told everyone (1:44-45)
      • Jesus told us to tell anyone about Him, but we often keep Jesus to ourselves
  • Because the disobedience cleansed leper, Jesus could no longer publicly enter any city, He stayed out in unpopulated areas, people still came to Him from everywhere (1:45)


Back to Capernaum

  • Healing of the paralytic (2:1-12)
    • Took place at Peter’s or Jesus house (2:1)
    • The house was fulled with people (2:2)
    • Jesus was preaching (2:2)
    • holiness and healing
    • Compare the scribes with four men (2:6)
      • These four men had faith in Jesus
      • The scribes had doubt in Jesus (2:7) – none can forgive sins except God alone
        • They came with critical minds
        • The were jealous of the popularity of Jesus
        • Beginning of opposition that ultimately led to Jesus’s arrest and death
        • Jesus knew what was in their mind (2:8)
    • Jesus forgives sins, that shows His divinity – and He proved it by healing the man (2:11)
    • “Son of Man” emerges here (2:10)
      • Dan 7:13-14
      • Jesus used this title about eighty times in the Gospels
      • linked Jesus to other men
      • the Self-emptied One Who laid aside the powers and attributes of Divine Sonship, and limited Himself within humanity as a perfect servant for the doing of the work of God


Observing Jesus

  • To God – Jesus prayed
  • To Man – Jesus preached and healed
  • To Demons – Jesus cast
  • Jesus exercised the powers of Deity, but never on His own behalf, it was always on behalf of others

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