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Mark 1:14-35 – End of John’s ministry, start of Jesus’ ministry

Jesus’ ministry of 3 years can be separated into 3 parts

    • Year of Obscurity (Judea)
    • Year of Favor (Galilee)
    • Year of oppositions (Galilee and other parts)

Year of Favor

John the Baptist’s arrest and death (Matthew 14)

Jesus’ ministry as recorded by Mark begins when John’s end and Jesus enters Galilee  (v14)

    • As recorded in Mark 1:14 and  Matthew 4:12
    • One year passed in between of the baptism and when Jesus enters Galilee
    • Recorded in Gospel according to John from John1:29 to John 2:11.
    • Silencing the minister of God does not stop the work of the God


The work being done is the preaching of the Gospel:

2 truths – the time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand

2 duties – repent and believe in the Gospel

Time is fulfilled:  Prophesised by prophets – Jer 31:31    

Jesus’ arrival was sign that time of fulfillment has arrived Gal 4:4

Fulfill the law – Matthew 5:17

Kingdom of God:   Zechariah 9:9

Kingdom of God is not what Jews expected ( Luke 10:9 , 17:21)

Reign of the Messiah over all things (Ephesians 1:10)   

Repent: To change our minds for the better: worldly to heavenly.

   There is a consequence to not repent – death.(2Peter 3:9), (Luke 13:3)

   Example of repentance Matt 21: 28 – 29

   Reverent fear and love bring people to repentance (2 Cor 5:10-11 ,Rom 2:4)

Believe: Not simply to believe the Gospel, but believe in it. Not simply to know, but to       have saving faith in it. (James 2:19)

   What belief is required: Jesus is son of God (Act 8:37)

         Jesus is savior (1 Jo 4:14)

          Redemption on the cross (1Cor 15:3 – 4)

Jesus chooses his disciples

Jesus choose people who were working and not especially prestigious since they were  fishermen.

Jesus choose at first fishermen whose work may be dangerous like those who may be  ministering in foreign lands.(Matt 10:16)

To be a disciple, one has to leave the old things in order to properly serve. (v18,,20)

Luke 14:26

Andrew – Disciple of John the Baptist first before following Jesus, brother of Peter

Simon(Peter) – Impulsive, model of what a Disciple should be.

James  – one of the “Sons of Lightning”, killed by Agrippa I

John – Wrote Revelations on  Patmos. Died in Ephesus
Jesus teaches with authority 

People were always amazed – Matt 7:28-29, v22

Angels ministered to Jesus – Matt 4:11

Demons recognized His power – v25

Nature obeyed Him – Mark 4:41

Jesus heals

Jesus heals the physically sick and the spiritually sick

Physical – Simon’s mother v 30

Man with unclean spirit  v26

Jesus restores order

Simon’s mother was healed so that she could serve v31

Jesus shows us that a servant needs to be hardworking

Jesus taught during the day – v21

Healed during the evening – v31-33

Woke up in the morning to pray – v35

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