2 Chronicles 29

Revival By a Young and Godly King – Hezekiah

Hezekiah’s father, King Ahaz was the most wicked king of all the kings of the southern kingdom. Yet Hezekiah did not follow his father’s foot step.

It seems to me that Hezekiah has been wanting to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord, however he had no authority when his wicked father Ahaz was alive. So when he became the king at 25 old years old, immediately on the 1st month he opened the doors of the temple that was closed by his father, removed all defilements from the temple, led the people in making a covenant with the Lord (v10) and reestablished the temple worship by the priest (v35).

It was such an encouragement to see a young man who set his heart on the things of the Lord. We need many young men like the young Hezekiah in today’s church. Many fathers have forsaken the Lord, did not live and lead as a father should and as a result many young men grew up without a role model of what Godly men should be. That is why many young men are spiritually weak in today’s church. They are church goers instead of God’s soldiers.  However, just like Ahaz’s wickedness did not stop Hezekiah from becoming a Godly king, the young men in today’s church can also make decision to follow the Lord regardless of the spiritual condition of their father.

So young men of God, rise up, don’t let your age or your family background became hinders, we need more Hezekiah in this generation than ever to reestablish the true worship of our Lord with our life, you could be one.

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