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2 Chronicles 7

The Glory of the Lord Filled the Temple

What is glorious sign to witness when the glory of the LORD filled the magnificent temple (v2)! It was an exciting, new chapter in Jews history. The temple was one of the most magnificent building at that time, they could see the glory of God filled the temple! For many Jews, this may be the very first time they see God’s glory in their life! As a result, they knelt facedown to worship and give thanks to the LORD (v3)!

Then God spoke to Solomon the second time (1st time in Gibeon in chapter 1). If Solomon walked before God and obeyed all of God’s commands, God will continue to establish his royal throne. If he turn away and forsake God’s commands and worshiped idols, God will uproot Israel from His land (v20). It is the same covenant that God had with the Jews before they enter the land of promised (Deut 28).

Today, we need the glory of God to fill our churches. The glory of God is with us when the Lordship of Jesus is uphold in His church. That means we truly let Jesus to be the Lord of our life.

When worship idols instead of Jesus, the glory of God will depart from us, and all we left is deserted temple without the glory of God.


  1. When the temple was built, the glory of God filled the temple (7:1). And then God spoke to Solomon and warned him. If he walk before God as David his father did, God will establish his royal throne according to God’s covenant with David (7:18). If he turn way and forsake the decrees and commands of God, God will reject the temple (7:20). The same God’s principle can be applied to His church. In your local church, have you experience the glory of God? Have you seen the glory of God departed because of the disobedience of His people?

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