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2 Thessalonians 1

Worthy of God’s calling in our life (v1-12)

v1: Paul as the main writer, together with his coworkers Silas and Timothy wrote this epistle from Corinth (Acts 18:5), soon after they wrote the first letter to the Thessalonians Church.

v2: The Lord Jesus Christ and God are frequently mentioned together in NT, implying the equality of God the Father and God the son (Phil 2:6).

v3: []. Faith and love go together. Our faith is towards God, and our faith is reflected by our love for each other. When faith increases, love increases.

v4-5: [..counted worth of the kingdom of God]. We are saved by grace not by works (Eph 2:8). When we were saved, we became the citizen of kingdom of God. We are unworthy for such blessing. Paul said the reason why the Thessalonians were experiencing persecution and trials was because of the judgement of God. God’s judgement is like the fire in a refiner, purifying metal. After believers persevere through trials, they impurity will be less and they will be more like Christ. They are still unworthy of being citizen of the kingdom, but because of the works of Christ for them and in them, they will be reckoned, or counted as worthy.

v7-8: [God is not obey the gospel]. God will punish the ones who choose not to put their faith in His Son, and reward those who put their faith on His Son. It may not be apparent in this age, but God will surely fulfilled His promises when His Son return to this earth.

v9: [..everlasting destruction…]. God’s punishment is eternal. Suffering in hell will go on forever. Hells mean without the present of God. Hells will not experience the power of the Lord’s majesty.

v11: […may count you worthy of His calling]. We are called live a life worthy of His calling. The means:

  1. The Lord a good purpose for our life, for His glory. We need to constantly pray that His purpose for our life will be done by His power.
  2. Our faith will grow and will result in acts that glorify His name
  3. We ought to live a life the glorify our Lord
  4. Wo ought to live a life so that the Lord is gloried in us

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