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Ezekiel 4

Where is Christ in Ezekiel 4?

I was searching for my Lord Jesus in Ezekiel 4. I couldn’t find Him. It were some weird stuffs that God asked Ezekiel to do. To lay down, bare arm, on his left side, tied up with robes, for 390 days! Ezekiel was given food and drink, however not a a whole lot, just 20 shekels of grains, which is about 8 ounces and a hin of water, which is about 0.6 liter everyday. The food is not bad really, multi-grain bread. However, he needs to bake the multi-grain bread with human excrement! What was God thinking? I didn’t get it. Ezekiel might be thinking whose dung should I use? My own or someone else?

And then Ezekiel bargained with God, and God had mercy, and allowed him to use cow manure! Is it better or worse then human excrement? You be the judged. I am not sure.

I am still searching for Christ, and I couldn’t find Him.

Why did God ask Ezekiel to do go through this? It was because of the sins of His people, one day for each year, for a total of 390 days for Israel and 40 days for Judah. Ezekiel had to go through this for other people sins? It is not fair! He had never had defiled food in his life, and now he had to eat cow manure baked multi-grain bread for 430 days!

And then, suddenly I get it. I found Jesus! Ezekiel is a type of Christ! Ezekiel bore the sin of the house of Israel (4:5), it is a symbol of our Lord Jesus who bore the sins of this world! Jesus was innocent, He had never sins, just like Ezekiel never had defiled food. And God told Jesus, go to the Cross I have prepared for You, to bear the sins of mankind. To redeem mankind from sins, and give them new hope, give them your life. It is not fair to the Lord Jesus, to bear the sins of mankind!

I praise You Lord Jesus, for You and You alone are worthy of all praises! You bore my sins on the Cross, Your blood has purified me from all sins (1 John 1:7). You had never been defiled, You are Holy, You are righteous, and You are completely obedience to God the Father. Thank you for Your love, I praise You.

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