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Galatians 5


After defensed both his authority as an apostle and the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ alone, Paul turned to defend the life of Christian freedom. Since Christians are not under law anymore, will that lead to sinful lifestyle? Of course not. Paul taught that alright Christians are called to be free, but we need serve one another with love (v13). The entire law is summed up in a single command: “Low your neighbor as yourself”. How can we live a lifestyle of loving others? We love by waling with the Spirit (v16). Our flesh naturally lusts for sinful lifestyles as mentioned in v19-21. The only way to have victory over these sinful lifestyle is to live by the Spirit, and to walk with the Spirit (v25).


  1. A life apart from law (v1-12)
    1. Turning to law ruins grace (v1-2)
    2. Turning to law makes man a debtor (v3)
    3. Turning to law is to fall away from grace (v4-6)
    4. turning to law hinders the progress of believers (v7-10)
    5. turning to law removes the offense of the cross (v11-12)
  2. A life apart from license (v13-15)
  3. A life according to the Spirit (v16-26)
    1. The promise of victory over sin (v16-18)
    2. The peril to victory over sin (v19-21)
    3. The power for victory over sin (v22-23)
    4. The provision for victory over sin (v24-26)


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