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Isaiah 61


This chapter continue the them from the last chapter. It prophesies the blessing and glory Zion will receive in the millennium kingdom.


  • v1: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the trinity God is presented in this verse.
  • v1: Jesus quoted this in Luke 4:18-19. Jesus just started His ministry in Nazareth, He went into a synagogue on Sabbath day and read this portion of Isaiah. Then He proclaimed “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.”
  • v1: God has prophesies He would put His Spirit on the suffering Servant in Isaiah 42:1. In here, the suffering Servant proclaimed that the Spirit is on Him.
  • v2: In Luke 4, Jesus did not finish the whole verse 2. It is because that the day of vengeance will be fulfilled in Jesus second coming, not on His first coming. Sometimes the prophets would see future events and prophesied events happened in different time together. Because even the prophets themselves could not tell how far one apart in time between events.
  • v3: The oil of gladness is mention here, and in Psalm 45:7. In ancient Israel, the Jews would pour oil on people in joyful celebrations.
  • v6: Ex 19 would be fulfilled in the millennium Kingdom. The Jews will be a nations of priesthood.
  • v10: The first person references here is not the Messiah. I was referring to Zion, whom God would cloth with garments of salvation.

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