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James 2

Favoritism Forbidden

v1: If we shown favoritism to people base on social status, outward appearance, wealth or anything else, we are not worthy to be believer of the glorious Lord (v1), because that is no glory in favoritism.

v2-4: do you look down to people based on their outward appearance?

v5: Notice how James call the readers: my dear brothers. He used it many times throughout the letter.

v5: the kingdom of God is for who? Only for those who love God! Not just accept Him, not just believe in Him, but also love Him.

v5: God looks at people in totally different perspective then how the world looks at people. Do you look at the people with the eyes of the world, or with the eyes of God?

v10: Have you kept all the laws? If you break one, you break it all! So James is certainly not teaching salvation by observing the laws, if that is the case, no one could be saved!

v12: Do you have the habits of immediately judging and condemning others when you first learned about others mistake or sins? Or do you have the habits of having mercies? How do you like God to treat you? With Judgement or with mercies?

Faith and Deeds

v19: Even demons believe there is one God! The demons recognize Jesus as the Son of God. What is the different between demons and believers? Demons know about the the existence of God, they know about the power of Christ (Mark 5:7), but they do not worship God, they do not obey God’s command. You may know about God, but do you follow and obey Him?

v22: Faith and deed work together, faith was made complete by our action. If we say we have faith but our life does not reflect it, it is very likely that we are not as spiritual as we think we are.

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