Jeremiah 46 – 52

The Nations 46-51

  • Jeremiah was called to be a prophets unto the nations (1:5)
  • God previously had already proclaimed to the nations that they would drink the cup of the wrath of God (25:15)

Ch 46 – Egypt

  • Pharaoh Neco killed King Josiah (2 Chro 32:23)
  • Pharaoh Neco was defeated by Nebuchadnezzar in the battle of Carchemish on the Euphrates River (46:2)
  • God proclaimed Egypt would be defeated by Babylon – action sermon of the large stone (43:8-13)
  • God again prophesized Babylon would attack and defeat Egypt (46:13-26) (568BC)
  • The LORD Almighty has defeated the gods of Egypt (46:25)
  • God would later restore Egypt (46:26)
  • God promised He would not completed destroy the Jews (46:28)

Ch 47 – Philistines

  • Came from Crete (v4)
  • Babylon is described as water that would flood Philistines (v2)
  • Fathers would flee for lives and leave their children behind (v3)
  • They cried to Yahweh to stop (v6), but God would only stop when His judgment is fully completed (v7)

Ch48 – Moab

  • Along with Ammonites, are descendants of Lot (Gen 19:20-38)
  • Were punished for trusting in her deeds and riches (v7), pride and arrogance (v29), she has defiled Yahweh (v26)
  • Yahweh has defeated the Chemosh the god of Moab (v7, 13 ,35, 46)
  • Jeremiah wept over the fall of Moab (v31). His grief is evidence of the compassion God has for people who are destroyed because of their sins against God.
  • God has “no pleasure in the death of the wicked” (Ezek 18:32)
  • God will restore Moab in the last days (v47)

Ch 49 – Ammon

  • Together with Moab were descendants of Lot (Gen 19-20-38)
  • Were punished because they took possession of Gad (v1), her pride and trusted in her wealth (v4)
  • Yahweh is superior over Molech, the god of Ammonites (v1,3)
  • God will restore Ammonites in the last days (v6)

Ch 49 – Edom

  • Descendants of Esau
  • Would be punished because of her pride (v16)
  • Would be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah (v18)

Ch 49 – Damascus

  • Amos accused the Syrians of treating the people of Gilead like grain on a threshing floor (Amos 1:3-5)
  • Pain like that of a woman in labor (v24)

Ch 49 – Kedar and Hazor

  • Kedar was related to Ishmael (Gen 25:13)
  • Were nomadic Arab nations
  • Were punished because they were confidence in themselves (v31)

Ch 49 – Elam

  • Were known for their archery, God promised to break their bow (v35)
  • God will restore them in last days (v39)

Ch 50 – 51 Babylon

  • The bible often compares Babylon (the proud city of man) with Jerusalem (the Holy City of God).
  • Founded by Nimrod (Gen 10:8-10)
  • The Hebrew word of Babylon is babel, often associated by the tower of Babel, both a symbol of rebellion against God.
  • Culminates in the Babylon of Revelation (Rev 17:1-19:10)
  • Many parallels between Jer 50-51 and Rev 17-18

Ch 50 – 51 Babylon

  • Jeremiah written these chapters in the 4th year of Zedekiah’s reign on a scroll and gave to Seraiah to be read aloud in Babylon (51:61)
  • God speaks to and about Babylon; to the invading army; and to the exiles of Judah
  • Fulfillments of God’s prophesy:
    • Persians captured Babylon in 539BC (Dan 5)
    • Alexander the Great of Greek destroyed Babylon in 330BC
    • Ultimate fulfillment in Rev 17-18

Why God punished Babylon?

  • God wanted to show He is victorious over the gods of Babylon (Bel and Marduk 50:2)
  • she rejoiced and were glad in conquering the Jews (50:11)
  • She destroyed God’s temple (50:28;51:11)
  • She is arrogance (50:31)
  • Her sins (51:6)
  • For all the wrong she did to Zion (51:24)
  • punish the idols of Babylon (51:47)

Spiritual Lessons We Learned in Jeremiah

  • In difficult days, we need to hear and heed the Word of God
  • True prophets of God are usually persecuted
  • True patriotism is not blind to sin
  • God is faithful to His servant
  • God is patience towards His people
  • Faithful is more important and success
  • The greatest reward of ministry is to become like Jesus Christ
  • God is King of Kings, Lord of Lords. The nations are under His sovereign control

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