Job 9 – 10


Chapter 9 was talking to his friends, in chapter 10 Job is talking to God directly.

The entire chapter 9 and 10 is a court scene. Job knew he could never win against God in a court, so he asked for a mediator to arbitrate between him and God (9:32). Lord Jesus is our mediator between us and God.

Job acknowledged God is the creator of heavens (9:5 – 10) and earth, as well as God’s sovereignty is on His creations. God is the one who makes the earth quake (v6), God could darken the sky, day or night (9:7).

Job still believe he is innocent and blameless (9:15,20,21;10:7). He concluded that God destroys both the blameless and the wicked (9:22).

Job believed his suffering is from God, that is why he is in fear of God (9:35;10:8).

Job also acknowledged that God created him (10:8-12). But now God’s rod is upon him, he wished he was never born (10:18).

Job acknowledged God’s power and wisdom in His creation. But due to his suffering, Job now think God treat all people the same way, God destroys both the blamsless and the wicked (9:22). When wicked sinned on earth, God covers the eyes of the judges (v24).

“Are not my few days almost over”? Job pleads to God to turn away from him so that he can have a moment of joy before death. (10:20)

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