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Psalm 55

Background: Probably written by David when the was King in Jerusalem (9-11). David wrote this Psalm after his son Absalom rebel against him. The companion and friend who betrayed him (13) was Ahithophel, who King David’s counselor (2 Sam 15:12).

V3: The voice of the enemy and the pressure of the wicked are referred to Absalom and Ahithophel.

David knew that his own negligence as a father had turned Absalom against him. He also knew that the revolt was part of the discipline that Nathan the prophet promised because of David’s adultery and the murder of Uriah (2 Sam. 12:9-12).

V6: David wish he has wings to escape his life. Although David did flee Jerusalem, he was not able to escape to bear the consequences of his sins. What we need are not wings like dove to fly away from the storm, what we need are wings like eagle to fly above the storm.

V9-11: Jerusalem was not stable when more and more people decided to follow Absalom (2 Sam. 15:10-14).

V12: If it was our enemy who reproaches against us, it not a surprise to us. However if it is our close friend who reproach against us, it would be a very painful experience.

V17: King David is a man of prayer. He trusted the Lord will hear his voice and redeem his soul from his trouble.

v23: Ahithopel eventually killed himself because he plan to be the right hand man of Absalom has failed (2 Sam. 17:23). God is a righteous God, the wicked men will surely receive their punishment.

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