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Psalm 83


This is the last psalm with a inscription the mention the name os Asaph (Ps 50, 73-83). Asaph was one of the lead musicians in David (1 Chro 16:5) and Solomon’s time (2 Chron 5:12). He prayed cymbal (1 Chro 16:5), gave thanks to God with psalm (1 Chro 16:8-36).  Asaph was mentioned in David’s time when David brought the ark into the tabernacle, and when Solomon brought the ark into the newly finished temple.

The theme of this psalm is to call on God to punished God’s enemies who have been oppressing God’s people, so that they may know and may seek God’s name.


v1: call to God to not remain in silence

v2-8: the enemies of God oppressing God’s people

v9-15: asking God to punish God’s enemies

v16-18: so that these people would know and seek the name of God


v1: When we experienced hardship, sometimes we wonder why God did not rescue us. Why was God in still?

v2: People who hates God like to exalt themselves above God.

v3: Because these people hate God, they hate people who believe in God as well. Today there are people who hate God, who do not believe in God, and they want to prosecute Christians. The Cultural Revolution in China between 1966 to 1976 is a prime example in recent history where Christians were oppressed, beaten and imprisoned by people who do not believe in God.

v4: Think about Holocaust in World War II. Six millions Jews were killed by the Nazi. They wanted to wipe out Israel as a nation.

v5: God’s enemies working together with one mind to destroy God’s people. We can apply that to the oppressions against the Jews or against Christians.

v6-8: The major enemies of Israel was named in these verses.

v9: God has rescue His people and punished His enemies before, the psalmist called to God to do that again.

v10-15: Psalmist used various images to portray God’s punishment to His enemies. 1)Dung for the ground, 2) whirling dust, 3) chaff before wind, 4) forest burned by fire, 5) mountains on fire, 6) terrified by storm, and 7) filled their faces with dishonor.

v16: The psalmist not only want the oppressions to Israel by these enemies to stop, and not only desire God to punish them. He also desires these people to know and see God’s name.

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