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Psalms 90 – 95

Psalm 90

  • Written by Moses, the man of God (Deut 33:1)
  • Oldest Psalm
  • Theme: Contrasting God’s eternity with man’s brief life.
  • V1-12: Human’s life is brief compares to the everlasting God
  • V7-12: Sinful men are consumed by God’s anger, unless we ask God to number our days aright
  • V13-17: Praying for God’s blessing: compassion (v13), love (v14), glad (v15), deeds (v16), establish the word of our hands (v17)

Psalm 91

  • Theme: Security in Trusting the LORD
  • V1-2: Security in the LORD: shelter; shadow; refuge; fortress
  • V3-13: How God protects those to trust Him
  • V14-16: God’s response to man’s love

Psalm 92

  • Theme: Praise God in Sabbath
  • V1-7 It is good to praise the Most High
  • V8-15 God the exalted forever

Psalm 93

  • Theme: The Lord reigns (v1)
  • V1-2: The Lord establishes His reign
  • V3-4: The Lord is mighty
  • V5: The Lord’s house is holy

Psalm 94

  • Theme: God is the Judge of the earth (v2)
  • V1-7: Prayer for vengeance
  • V8-15: Warning about judgment
  • V16-23: Consolation from the Lord

Psalm 95

  • Theme: The LORD is the great King, we are His worshipers
  • Quote twice in Hebrew (v8: Heb 4:7; v10: Heb 4:3)
  • V1-7: Praise for the Lord’s sovereignty
  • V8-11: Warning against unbelief

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