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Romans 4 – Faith

  1. Abraham and David as examples (v1 and v6)
  2. Justification is by faith and not by works
    1. Abraham could only boast if he was justified by works (v2)
    2. Abraham was credited as righteous because of his faith (v3; Genesis 15:6)
  3. By Works vs By Faith
    1. Work is due wages which is an obligation (v4, 14-15)
      1. Man alone is only able to sin and receive its “wages” (Romans 6:23)
    2. Faith in God credits one with righteousness (v5)
  4. Abraham’s demonstration of faith
    1. Trust (v5)
      1. Belief God’s promise that he will be a father of many nations. (v18)
      2. Belief that God will provide a son in his old age. (v19)
      3. Belief in a resurrected life and He who creates all things (in Jesus)(v17)
      4. Belief in the seed(Gal 3:16)
  5. Law vs. Grace
    1. Living by the Law is opposite of living by faith (v14)
    2. Abraham and his descendants lived when the Law was not established
    3. Law is used to reveal grace (v15)
    4. Grace is what allows us to be heirs of Abraham(v16)
  6. David’s demonstration of faith (Psalm 32)
    1. David can do nothing to redeem himself for his sins. Only God can deal with salvation (v6-8)
  7. Abraham was father of many nations (v18)
    1. Father of the uncircumcised (v 11)
      1. Father of those who believe but are not circumcised (v11)
      2. Blessings came to those with faith before circumcision(v9-10)
    2. Father of the circumcised
      1. Ancestor to all the Jews who are circumcised AND walk in the faith
  8. God’s promise to Abraham endures today
    1. Promise was made by faith (v16)
    2. Guaranteed for all of Abraham’s offsprings (spiritual or physical)
    3. We who believe are offsprings of Abraham (v17)
    4. We will also partake in the rewards of faith (v 24)

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