Romans 7 – Struggling with the sinful nature


Romans Chapter 6

    • Baptism
    • Unified with Christ, death, burial, resurrection and future glory.
    • From slaves unto sin to slaves unto righteousness
    • Once we obeyed the call of the sinful nature, now we obey the call of Jesus.

4 Questions asked in Romans 7 (v1, v7, v13, v 24)

Marriage to illustrate death to the Law (v1 – 3)

    • Marriage is covenant that the Jews and experts at the laws are familiar with.
    • Law only has power on someone who is alive.
    • We who are unified in Christ has our old self died on the cross with Jesus


Marriage to illustrate life with Christ

    • Death to the law to belong to Christ.
    • One purpose of marriage is to bear good fruit
    • our sinful nature bore fruits of death (v5)
    • Marriage requires that we change for the better for our partner
    • Once we worshiped in a fleshly, earthly way, now we are to do so in a spiritual way(v6)

The Law is good

    • Law shows what is sin and can point out what is sin.
    • The law was meant to give life. (v10) (Deut. 30:16)
    • The law comes from God it is Holy (v12), it is spiritual (v14)
    • Sin, not law, is what causes death.
    • The law did not fail, our flesh, our bodies failed. (v5)
    • The law does not have the power to clean someone or wash someone of sin.


Living in the flesh

    • What the law tells us to do, we rebel against( v7-8, v21)
    • When Sin lives, we die (v9)
    • Flesh and spirit opposed (Gal 5:17)


Living in the spirit

    • Answer is not a how… its a who! Jesus Christ. (v25)
    • Crucified with Christ (Gal 5:24)
    • Even those justified face the struggles of sin.
    • Paul said of himself as unspiritual (v14)
    • Church of Corinth (1 Corinthians 3:1)
    • Everyone sins even Christians(1 John 1:8 – 1:10)
    • Christians ideally would not habitually sin. They will repent.
    • Solution is to live by the Spirit (Gal 5:16)
    • Keep in step with the Spirit (Gal 5:25)
    • Spirit will lead you to bear fruits (Gal 5)

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