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Zephaniah Chapter 2

  1. v2: The goal of this book is not to bring people to despair, but to repentance and obedience.
  2. v3: God is calling the Jews to
    1. seek Him
    2. be humble
    3. do what He commands
    4. Seek righteousness
    5. Seek humility
  3. v3: Many died in the Babylonians invasions, others were spared and some were exiled to Babylon.
  4. v4-5: Judgement will come to the gentiles as well
  5. v4: “Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron” these are Philistine major cities
  6. v5: Kerethites are Cretans
  7. v7: “the remnant of the house of Judah” not all Jews were destroyed. The remaining Jews are called remnant, God will one day restore their fortunes.
  8. v8-11: Judgment against Moab and Ammon. Both were descendants of Lot’s (Gen 19:30-38). These people lived in the east of Jordan river.
  9. v9: “salt pits” being close to the Dead Sea, much of Moab and Ammon is salty, barren land.
  10. v10: The reason why they would be judged: pride and insulted the people of the LORD Almighty
  11. v11: “The nations on every shore will worship Him” this will be fulfilled starting from Christ’s second coming.
  12. v12: Cushites are people who resided in upper Nile region (southern Egypt, Sudan, and northern Ephiopia)
  13. v13-V15: A prophesy of the destruction of the Assyria and its capital Nineveh.
  14. v15: “Carefree city that lived in safety”
    1. Circumference of 60 miles
    2. Population of at least 120,000 (Jonah 3:3, 4:11)
    3. External Wall and Internal Wall (8 mile circumference, 50 feet thick and 100 feet high).
    4. Between the two walls was enough farmland to support the huge population.

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