1 Chronicles 17

God’s Promise to David (v1-15)

The content of chapter 17 is a repeat of 2 Samuel 7.

God called David His servant twice (v4,7). When God someone to be His servant, He is going to be with him whenever he goes (v8). Although David is the King of Israel, but he is a servant of the King of Kings!

This promise of God to David is a messianic promise. The promise is partially fulfilled in Soloman (v12), when Soloman built the temple for the Lord. However, Soloman’s throne did not go forever, he is only a shadow of our Lord Jesus, who is a descendent from King David from both of his earthly parents, for Joseph and Mary are both descendent of King David.

The Lord Jesus is building the house of God, the church. The throne and the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus is established by God forever (v12, 14).

David’s Prayer (v16-27)

v16: [Who am I, O LORD GOD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?] This is a prayer that all God’s people can relate to. We are all made with dust, and God saved us. When I looked back in my life, and looked at how far the Lord has brought me at this moment in my life, I want to pray the same thing: “Who am I, O LORD GOD, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?!

David spoke of the promises of God when he prayed. “Let the promise You have made concerning Your servant and his house be established forever. Do as you promised.” God has made many promises throughout the bible to His people. When we discovered these promises, we can pray these promises back to God, to receive and claim by faith that God has promised, and God will fulfill His promises so that His name will be glorified!

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