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1 Chronicles 19

The Battle Against the Ammonites and Arameans

This chapter was originally written in 2 Sam 10. The one discrepancy is in 2 Sam 10:18, David killed 700 Arameans charioteers, but in 1 Cho 19:18, David killed 7000 charioteers. Most bible students think there was a copy error in 2 Sam 10:18.

v2: It is possible that because Nahash, the King of the Ammonites was the enemy of Saul (1 Sam 11), he became friend and had showed kindness to David.

By any standard, 32,000 chariots (v7) was a big number, it was a big battle, 40,000 food soldiers were killed by Israel led by David (v18).

God was being faithful and was fulfilling His promise to David (1 Chro 17:8).

Joab as David’s chief commander, did a marvelous job in this battle, with the help of his brother Abishai (v11).

Joab said: [“Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in His sight.”] Joab had great faith in the Lord. He knew his job was to lead the army of Israel is trusting the Lord.

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