Ezekiel 13 – A Lie of Peace

Everybody love peace. Even if he is an evil person like Hitler, who liked destruction for others, but he still like peace for himself. Therefore a message of peace is a very welcome message. You almost cannot go wrong to preach on the message of peace, if you want to please the listeners.

However, God denounced the false prophets in Israel that they were preaching the message of peace, when there is no peace (v10). They were lying to God’s people, who unfortunately were very keen on listening to lies like this (v19), a lie of peace. They claimed that they saw vision of peace for Jerusalem when there was no peace (v16).

These are false prophets. They prophesy out of their own imagination (v2) and followed their own spirit (v3). Their visions are false and their divinations a lie (v6).

The lie continues till today. There are many false preachers who only preach on the message of peace, they never talked about sins, repentance, or the cross. They preach about prosperity, blessings, things that are pleasing to the ears. Many people like these messages, they are attracted to the false message of peace, while living a sinful lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in peace. The Lord told us He has given peace to those who put their faith on Him. However the peace is not the same as the peace given by the world (John 14:27). We are warned not to be like the false prophets of Israel, who preached peace when there was no peace. We are not to preach peace only but omit messages about sanctify life, holy living, the cross, repentance, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and judgement.


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