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Ezekiel 23 – Prostitute of the world or virgin of Christ?

This chapter talks about two women, Oholah who represents Samaria and Oholibah who represents Jerusalem (v4). Both prostitutes with Egypt and Assyrians. The Lord turned them over to the Babylonian for punishment (v24).

This is how to Lord see His people when they choose to love the world. When we love the world, in the eyes of the Lord, we are prostitutes! The world has many things that entice our lust. These things are sex, power, fame, wealth, and anything that occupy our soul in place of Christ.

We are called to be lovers of our Lord. The church is His bride. But how many Christians choose to be prostitutes of the world, instead of a virgin for the Lord? Which is the better choice? To the Christians who have their spiritual eyes blinded, being a prostitute of the world is what they choose! They love the world, they live like the world live, and they continue to claim that they are Christians, they are children of God. The Lord is deeply sadden by that, in fact, the Lord is anger by that. Just imagine your wife choosed to prostitute with other men, how would you feel? That is how the Lord feel, only thousand times greater, because He loves us many times more than we love our wife. He died for us. How many of us have died for our wife? The Lord loves us. He desires us to love Him back.

God’s people, come back to the Lord. He will purify you and let you be a virgin again, reserved for Him only.

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