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Galatians 2


Chapter 2 continues Paul’s defense of his apostolic authority and the gospel he preached, he focused not on the source of his message but on its content. Further, whereas in chapter 1 he emphasized his independence from the other apostles, he now demonstrated that there was a basic unity between himself and them.

  1. v1-10: Paul’s ministry was accepted by the apostles
  2. v11-21: Paul Opposes Peter


  • v1: There are two views on this trip, was it referring to Paul’s second trip to Jerusalem in Acts 11:27-30, or Paul’s third trip to Jerusalem in Acts 15:1-30.
  • v3: Paul brought Titus with him to Jerusalem to test whether the Jerusalem church would force Titus into circumcision.
  • v4: Believers have freedom in Christ. The Judaizers wanted to make them slaves, enslaves under law.
  • v9: James, Peter and John recognized Paul’s ministry to the gentiles.
  • v17: Does justification by faith in Christ alone promote sinful lifestyle since we are not justified by works? Absolutely not!
  • v18: Paul is referring to we depends on observing the laws to be justified, we are all lawbreaker, for no one, with our sinner nature can observe all the laws.
  • v19-20: This is the parallel message with Romans 6. We are in union with Christ crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection. True believers will live a life for God. Not by his own sinful nature, but by Christ who lives in us. This is Paul answer to the question in verse 17.

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