Galatians 3


The Judaizers thought believers would have a more complete salvation and a greater sanctification if they would obey the Law, on top of having faith in Christ. In chapter 3 and 4, Paul presented unbreakable arguments to the Galatians churches to defense justification by faith in Christ alone.


  1. v1-5: By the experience of the galatians
  2. v6-9: By the example of Abraham
  3. v10-12: By the effect of the law
  4. v13-14: By the work of Christ
  5. v15-18: By the promise of God’s covenant
  6. v19-25: By the purpose of the law
  7. v26-29: By the believer’s present position


  • v11 The righteous man shall life by faith. This is a quote of Habakuk 2:4. Habakuk emphasized on “the righteous man”, Hebrew emphasized on “shall life”, and Galatians emphasized on “by faith”
  • v13-14 Jesus not only redeemed us from the curse of the law, He also blessed us who put our faith in Him.
  • v24 The law is our tutor to lead us to Christ.
  • v25: The Jews were under the laws, until Jesus Christ came.
  • v27 Are you clothed with Christ just because you went into water, or because of your faith in Christ?
  • v28 Jews and Greek, slave and freeman, men and women are all one in Christ Jesus. It is wrong to use this verse to support the feminist movement. Paul is talking about all people who put their faith in Christ are equally righteous before God. God does not favor a people because of race, status in society, or gender. All people are one in Christ Jesus when they put their faith on Christ. It does not mean men and women are the same as far as their roles in family, society, and in God’s family, the Church of Christ. Paul taught about the roles of men and women in 1 Corinthians 14, Ephesians 5 and 1 Timothy 2.

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