Isaiah 45

The anointed King of Cyrus


  1. v1-7: God anointed Cyrus to conquer Babylon and other nations so that Cyrus could give a decree to the Jews to return to Jerusalem.
  2. v8-21: God is the Creator.
  3. v22-25: The righteous God


v1: Cyrus was mentioned by name, the second time. He was again mentioned in verse 13. Approximately 150 years later Cyrus really came into power and conquered Babylon as prophesy by Isaiah.

v2: Probably referring to the gates in the city of Babylon where Cyrus entered with relatively ease.

v3: Josephus indicated that Daniel influenced Cyrus with the prophecy of Isaiah, so Cyrus did know that the God of Israel was with him.

v7: God could use light or darkness, prosperity or disaster to accomplish His purposes.

v23: [Before me ever knee will bow; by me ever tongue will swear]. Paul quoted this in Rom 14:11, and again used it to reference to Jesus in Phi 2:10-11. In Rom, Paul quoted this to point out the believers should not be judging each other, because each one of us will be accountable individually before God. In the letter to Philippians, Paul used this verse to proclaim at the end time every one will acknowledge Jesus as Lord.


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