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Isaiah 44

There is only one true God

  • v1: Started by calling God’s servant, Israel to listen to what God has to say.
  • v2: “Jeshurun” is an honored name for Israel whose root meaning is “right” or “straight”.
  • v3: God will restore Jerusalem by turning the ruined city back to life (v26), so that Israel can be the witness for God
  • v6: God is the King and the redeemer. God redeemed Israel is mentioned again in v22, v23, v24.
  • v7: God challenged idol worshippers to ask their idols to foretell the future
  • v8: Israel is God’s witness to all the idols worshippers that there is only one true God, the God of Jacob (v6).
  • v21: Ending the chapter just like how it was started, by calling God’s servant, Israel to remember what God has had. 
  • v21: “I have made you”. God made men in His own image so that man can worship God, however men ended up making idols in their own image from death materials like wood and stone for worship.
  • v28: Isaiah first mentioned of Cyrus by name. God would raise up Cyrus, the King of Persian, to release the Jews to return form Babylon back to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and the temple so that they can be the witness for God.

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