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Isaiah 63


The first part of this chapter, from v1 to v6 talks about Jesus second coming.

Unlike His first coming, on His second coming, Jesus will execute His role as a righteous Judge. He will punish the wicked who have not repent to receive His salvation. It will be a horrible scene. John saw the same scene in revelation 19:11-12. The imagery is Jesus would step on the grapes on winepress, and the wine will stain His garment. The wine is a symbol of the blood of the wicked. It will be a day of vengeance.


  1. v1-6: The day of vengeance
  2. v7-10: Proclaim to kindness of the Lord
  3. v11-14: Recalled how God rescued them in old days
  4. v15-19: Call on God to rule over the enemies and restore His kindess to Israel


  • v1: Edom is the descendent of Esau, it  The meaning of Esau is red. Bozrah was the capital of Edom, its meaning is “grade gathering”.
  • v4: On Jesus first coming, it was called the year of the Lord’s favor (Isaiah 61:2). One Jesus second coming, it is called the day of vengeance (Isaiah 61:2)
  • v10: Israel’s rebellion grieved the Holy Spirit. Our rebellion would cause the grieve of Holy Spirit as well (Eph 4:30).
  • v11-14: Holy Spirit is mention three times in this chapter (v10,11,14). When Isaiah recount how God led Israel out of Egypt, he said it was the work of the Holy Spirit (v11-12).

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