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Isaiah 64


The main theme is this chapter is God is the Potter, we are the clay. Men are sinners that want to do things our own ways, which cause us to sin and prevent us from receiving the blessing of God. If we yield to God, the Potter will mold us into His image.


  • v1:A call to God to come down from heavens to make His name know to the enemies (v2) and to help of those who are righteous, who remember God’s ways.
  • v2-3: On Jesus second coming, the earth will experience great tribulation. The nations will quake, and mountains will tremble!
  • v4: [no ear…no eye]. God’s judgement is unique in world history. Paul adapts words from this verse in 1 Cor 2:9 to speak of direct revelation of God, imparted to His apostles and prophets, pertaining to mysteries hidden from mankind before the birth of the church.
  • v5-7: Isaiah put himself among the people who have sinned against God. Men own righteous acts are like disgusting menstrual clothes of women in the eyes of God.
  • v8: Men are helpless and destined for destruction if God is just a righteous God. Thank God, He is also a loving Father. We are the works of the hands of the Potter. If we yield to Him, He desires to mold us into the image of Christ.
  • v10-11: A prophesy of Jerusalem’s destruction in Babylon time.
  • v12: A question to God, which God keep silent? The next two chapter hold the answers to this question.

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