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Isaiah 65


The main theme of this chapter is Redeemer’s reason for rejecting the nation; reservation of a remnant; and the revelation of the new heavens and the new earth.

Chapter 65 and 66 is the answer for the prayer in Chapter 64, where Isaiah and the nation Israel were praying fervently to God for His intervention to rescue Israel. God told them it was their sins that prevented their prayers to be answered (v2-7).

In this chapter, God makes it very clear that their sins and unfaithfulness are responsible for His judgment upon them, but that their sins have not frustrated His promises and purposes concerning the coming kingdom.


  1. v1: Salvation to the gentiles
  2. v2-7: Sins of Israel


  • v1: God reveals Himself to the gentile. It was God who took the initiative to reveal Himself to each of us. Paul quoted this verse in Rom 10:20 referring to God’s calling to gentiles.
  • v2: God stretches out His hands even to the unfaithful Jews. Paul quoted this verse in Rom 10:21, referring to the rebelliousness of His fellow Jews.
  • v3-4: Israel broke God’s laws again and again.
  • v5: But they still think they are holy then others, the gentiles.
  • v6-7: God will surely punish them for their sins
  • v8-9: However in His faithfulness, He will reserve a remnant of Israel to be saved. The remnant is compared to the remaining juice found in a cluster of grapes.
  • v10: Sharon was the western, fertile territory on the Mediterranean coast, south of Mt. Carmel. Valley of Achor in the south. It was the place where the Achan was stoned to death by the Jews because of his greediness and disobedience to God that cause the lost of the first war with Ai. The valley will be a resting place finally. Together they represented the whole land.
  • v11-12: Referring to unbelieving Israelite.
  • v13: Comparing the faithful and the unfaithful of Israel.
  • v14: When the Lord Jesus returned, some of sing for joy, some will cry in anguish.
  • v15: The unfaithful Jews will be put to death, the faithful Jews, referring as God’s servants here will be given another name.
  • v17: After the millennium Kingdom, there will be new heavens and new earth.
  • v20: In the millennium Kingdom, people will have long life again, like the beginning.
  • v25: In the millennium Kingdom, animals will live harmony together.

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