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Isaiah 66


This last chapter of Isaiah ends with reference to new heavens and new earth, as well as reference to a place where worm will not die, nor will their fire be quenched. Revelation ends with similar reference to new heavens and new earth (Rev 21:1) and the lake of fire (Rev 20:14-15).


  1. v1-4: God is calling for true worshipers


  • v1: […resting place…] God is searching for a resting place, from the beginning to now. May the church of Jesus Christ, the house of God, be His resting place. Heaven is His throne and the earth is His footstool, but God desires to rest among His people.
  • v1: Stephen quoted verse 1 in Act 7:49-50 to point out their error in limiting God to a temple made with hands.
  • v2: [… humble and contrite in spirit..trembles at my world]. These are the qualities of believers desire by God. He is searching humble, not pride people; Contrite, not arrogant; trembles at His word, not casual reader. These people are His resting place.
  • v3: [chosen their own ways… their souls delight in their abominations]. When we chose our own ways instead of God’s way, when our souls delights in wicked things instead of the things of God, our outward works are not only have no spiritual worth, they are worthless and event sinful in God’s eyes. We are no different than a murderer if we do these things.
  • v4: [..when I called, no one answered] God is calling true worshipers, have you answered Him?
  • v5-6: […uproar from the city…noise from the temple]. The fake worshipers, the hypocrites , who defiled the name of the Lord, are like enemies of the Lord. The Lord will discipline them, even in the temple. The hypocrites know how to say spiritual words like “Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy”. But God knows their heart, they will be put to shame.
  • v7-10: God will help Jerusalem to deliver a son. Who is this son?
  • v8: [… a country born in a day..] in the millennium, when Israel believes in Jesus as the Messiah, the country will be born in a day.
  • v13: Who is God speaking to? He is speaking to who tremble at His word (v5).
  • v12: […peace to her like a river…]
  • v14-16: Lord Jesus will come again with fire and sword, to execute judgement upon all men.
  • v21: some gentiles who believes in the Lord will be priests and Levites. All NT believes are priests.
  • v22: True worshipers of the Lord will bow down and continue to worship the Lord in the new heavens and new earth. The wicked who didn’t repent and believe in the Lord will be thrown in the lake of fire with worm that never die. Jesus quoted this verse in Mark 9:48, where He was giving a parable about it is better to get into Kingdom of God with one eye, or one hand, than to enter into hell with fire and worms that never die. Peter said the new heaven and new earth is the home of the righteousness (2 Peter 3:13).

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