Jeremiah 4

v3: Break up your unplowed ground and do not sow among thorns.

The are many grounds in our life that has not been plowed. These could be areas in our life where we have not experience the works of the Lord. These could be areas where we are afraid to venture into, because of fear. These could be areas we do now even know they exist. When we feel our are stucked in our pursue of the Lord, we need to pray and ask the Lord to reveal to us, to open the heart of our eyes, so that we can see the unplowed ground in our life. Once we see them, ask to Lord to give us to power to break up these unplowed ground. Pray that we will labor in these lands, and with great expectation that the Lord is going to grow fruits out of the lands, and we will once again experience His abundance, in greater capacity we had ever experienced before.

Then, the Lord says: “do not sow among thorns.” This morning as I was praying to the Lord, told the Lord that I am doing many things in my life at this moment, it just seem like I do not have enough time in a day to accomplish what I like to accomplish. The Lord has blessed me with many great responsibilities, like being a husband, being a father, being a coworker, being a minister. I was praying for a word from the Lord. I was wondering what it means to be a good and faithful steward of the Lord. Does it mean to be efficient? How can I be efficient and at the same time wait for the Lord? And then the Lord gave me this verse: “do not sow among thorns.”

The Lord told us to sow on good soil (Matthew 13:8). When we are the heart to serve the Lord, we will soon see many needs surrund us that we could serve. But all of us have limited resources, where should I have my time? We need to be wise and ask to the Lord, :”Lord, show me where the good soil is, so I do not sow among thorns, so that I can be fruitful, and effective, for Your glory.”

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