Job 15


This is the start of the second round of the debate (15:1-21:34).

Job’s resistance to their viewpoint and his appeals energized them to greater intensity in their confrontation.

In Eliphaz first speech, he had displayed some kindness toward Job; but you find neither patience nor kindness in this second address. Nor do you find any new ideas: Eliphaz merely repeats his former thesis that man is a sinner and God must punish sinners.

v1-6: Eliphaz accused Job for sinning with his mouth against God. [your own lips testify against you].

v7-13: Eliphaz condemned Job for rejecting the conventional wisdom, as if he had more insight than other people (v7-9), and could reject the wisdom of the aged (v10) and the kindness of God (v11).

v14-16: Eliphaz said all men are sinners. However Job did not suffer because of his sins.

v17-35: Eliphaz tells a story of a wicked man (v20) whom received punishment from God. He was using this story to tell Job he is like the man in the story, a sinner who deserved to be punished by God.


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