Job 16 – 17


Ch 16 – 17 is Job’s response to Eliphaz’s second speech.

Job said he could have make fine speeches if they switch places. The difference is Job would encourage and comfort to bring them relief instead of accusation (16:4-5).

6-14: Unlike some of us, Job did not hide his feeling to God in front of his friends. He was making statements of how God has turn his life upside down, how God has worn him out, how God has devastated his entire household (v6-7). It is interesting that Job did not seem to know although God allowed the tragedy in his life, Satan was actually the one who caused the suffering in his life.

v19: Job some how knew there is an advocate between him and God. On behalf of Job, this advocate pleaded with God as a man pleads for his friend. Jesus is our advocate before God.

v22: Job felt like dying. He felt his days are short, the grave was awaiting for him (17:1). When we are in extreme pain and suffering, he wanted our life to end sooner.

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