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Job 29


Job gave a closing statements of his debate in chapter 29 – 31. Chapter 29 focused on Job’s prosperity in the past, Chapter 30 focused on Job’s crisis in the present, and Chapter 31 focused on Job’s hope for God’s vindication in the future.

  1. v2-6: How God has blessed him:
    1. God watched over him (v2)
    2. God’s lamp shone upon his head (v3)
    3. God’s light guided him in darkness (v3)
    4. God’s intimate friendship bless his house (v4)
    5. God’s was with him (v5)
  2. v7-11: How he was well respected in the city
    1. respected by young men (v8)
    2. respected by old men (v8)
    3. respected by chief men (v9)
    4. respected by nobles (v10)
    5. respected by everyone (v11)
  3. v12-17: How he was the help of the needy
  4. v18-20: How he had great hope for the future
  5. v21-25: How he spoke words of encouragement to men

Life’s Lesson

It is good to count God’s blessing in our life, however we should be careful not to focus to much on the glories past that we ignore the opportunities in the present, we may end up unprepared for the future. The past must be a rudder to guide us and not an anchor to hold us back.

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