Job 30


After Job described his previous prosperous live, he now described his present live. He used parallelism to compare his present with his previous live.

  1. He was well respected previously (29:8), presently he is being laughed at (v1), abhorred (v10) , and spitted at (v10).
  2. He was enjoying blessings in life previously (29:6), presently days of affliction have taken hold of him (30:16)
  3. He helped the needy previously (29:12-17), presently he cries for help and no one response to his plead (v24)
  4. He had hope for the future previously (29:18-20), presently he had no hope (v26)
  5. He brought encouragement to people with his words previously (29:21-25), presently he no longer has any words of encouragement, instead his music has turned from major to minor key (v31)

Life’s Lesson

If we are blessed with material prosperity today, we thank the Lord for His grace. However there is no guarantee God will continue to bless us in the future. So do not be too comfortable with what we have today. We need to learn to give thanks for the things the Lord has blessed us so far (1 The 5:16-18), be content with what we have today (Phi 4:11), and be prepared for any trials that may come into future. What is important is to live in the present of God. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matt 6:33).

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