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Job 35


In this chapter, Elihu tried to give explanations to Job’s questions on the characters of God.

v1-8: Job had two questions about God. First, Job thought his righteousness is more than God’s (v2), because God punished an upright man like him. Second, he thought whether man is a good or bad man does not matter to God, because being fearful to God has no benefits compare to the ones who sinned (v3). Job is comparing himself and his righteousness against God and God’s righteousness.

Elihu explained to Job that God is higher than cloud, higher than heavens, of course higher than men (v5). Men are not even in the same level as God,  men righteousness and men wickedness affected men, not God. (v6-8)

v9-16: Job has been crying out to God but God did not answer him. Elihu explained that God does not answer empty cry (v13), but God did not forget him. Job’s case is before God, he told Job to wait for God (v14). Elihu comforted Job by saying God gives songs in the night(v10), and God teaches men more than any animal on earth (v11).

Life’s Lesson

Our understanding and experience of God’s characters is challenged when we go through hardship in life.

Nothing we do can add any righteousness to God, and nothing we do can subtract holiness from God. God characters are unchanging from eternity to eternity.

On the other hand, everything we do affect the heart of God. Because God desires to see us to be like Christ. If we are unlike Christ, we hurt God. We are more Christ like, we please God.

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