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Job 37


This is the conclusion of Elihu’s speech. As Elihu was concluding his speech, a storm was forming in the horizon, wind was howling towards them, rain started to drip from the skies, lightning and thunder started to strike out of the cloud (v2-5). Elihu said storms were under the commands of God. God causes storms to punish men, or to water His earth and show His love(v13).

And then Elihu asked Job to listen, stand and consider the wonders of God (v14). He asked whether Job knew how God controls the clouds and makes lighting flash, whether Job knew about the wonders of one perfect in knowledge (v16), and can Job spread out the skies together with God?

Life’s Lesson

God frequently puts people in needs around us. Are you ready to guide them towards Christ? Elihu did not try to answer Job’s questions himself, and he did not try to draw Job to himself.

I don’t think Elihu knew God was preparing to speak to Job in the storm, but God used Elihu to prepare Job’s heart for God.

We do not need to know the answers to help people, our parts is to direct them to Christ, and Christ will do His part.

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