Job 38 – 39


God finally spoke to Job (v1). God was speaking to Job in the midst of a storm (v1). However instead of answering Job’s request to vindicate him, God asked Job a series of questions. Between chapter 38 – 41, God has asked 77 questions to Job.

God told Job to instruct Him (v3) and tell Him (v4, v18) if Job knew the answers to these questions.

The questions in chapter 38 and 39 are in two major categories. First is the nature, second is the animals, both are amazingly designed and created by God.

Nature: earth (v4), sea (v8), sun (v12), gates of death (v17), light (v19), snow (v22), wind (v24), rain (v26), land (v27), seeds (v27), dew (v28), stars (v31-33), clouds (v34), lightning (v35),

Animal: lion (v39), raven (v41), goats and deers (39:1-4), donkeys (39:5-8), ox (39:9-12), ostriches (13-18), horse (19-25), hawk (26-30)

The purpose of God asking these questions is so that Job would come to the revelation that God is infinitely more powerful than Job.

It is worth noting that God’s is referenced as Yahweh (H3068) between chapter 38-42. This name of God has not been used after chapter 2, except 12:9. God has been referred as Elowah (H433) or Almighty between chapter 3 to 37. Yahweh means “I am”. I think God wanted Job to know that God is the creator, He is above all. God has total sovereignty of all His creations. He does not owe anyone any answers.

Life’s Lesson

When you experienced hardship in life, do you often ask the Lord the why questions, or do you submit to the Lordship of Christ in our life, and ask the what questions. “Dear Lord, what do You want me to learn this time, teach me O Lord.”

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