Mark 3:19-35 – Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

  • Jesus called the twelve and appointment them to (v14)
  1. be with Him
  2. to send them out to preach
  3. to cast out demons
  • Mark 3:20 – Mark 6:6 is a record of Jesus spending time with His apostles, training and preparing them to preach
  • Went back to Capernaum,  Peter’s house, also Jesus’s home in Capernaum (3:20)
  • Jesus was serving the people, He and his disciples did not have time to eat! (3:20)
  • Oppositions were building up
  1. Mark 2:7 – How can this man forgive sins?
  2. Mark 2:16 – Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?
  3. Mark 2:18 – Why didn’t your disciples fast?
  4. Mark 2:24 – Why did the disciples of Jesus pluck the heads of grain on Sabbath?
  5. Mark 3:2 – They watched Jesus, waiting for Jesus to heal the man with withered hand so they can accused Jesus
  • Jesus just cast out a demons-oppressed man who was blind and mule (Matt 12:22)
  • 2 group of people, 2 accusations
    1. Jesus family
      1. accused Jesus was out of His mind (v21)
      2. Why did they accuse Jesus? What was their intention?
    2. Scribes from Jerusalem
      1. Processed by Beelzebul (v22) – criticized the person of Jesus
      2. By the prince of demons he cast of demons (v22)  – criticized the work of Jesus
  • Jesus replies
  1. First, Jesus pointed out the false logic of the accusers philosophy (3:23-26)
    1. Kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand
    2. House that is divided against itself cannot stand
    3. Thus if Satan is against himself he cannot stand
  2. Second, Jesus told them what secret of His power (3:27-29)
    1. The strong man is Satan
    2. But Jesus is the stronger man who binds the strong man
  • Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
  1. What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
  2. Why can’t the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit be forgiven?
  3. Can we commit the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit today?
  • Why did Jesus said “Whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother?” (3:35)

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