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Psalm 42-43

Psalm 42-43

  1. The popular worship song “As The Dear” written by Marty Nystrom was inspired by this Psalm. The story behind as the song is available at Song Scoops.
  2. Ps 42 and Ps 43 are probably used to be one Psalm because of repeated refrain: “Why are you in despair, O my soul?” (42:5,11;43:5).
  3. Korah is great grandson of Levi who rebelled against Moses and Aaron. (Num 16) and received judgement from God, but sons of Korah were spared (Num 26:11). Korah’ sons in King David’s era became singers (1 Chron 6:31) and gatekeepers (1 Chron 26:19) of the tabernacle. Also named in Ps 44-49, 84, 87-88. The sons of Korah may not be the author of these Psalms. They are named because they were the performers.
  4. The author:
    1. Was a leader who led people to worship God (42:4)
    2. But later exiled among gentiles (43:1) who oppressed him (42:3, 10;43:2).
    3. The author fluctuated between faith and despair a he wrestled with God. He questions the Lord 11 times as he wonders why God doesn’t do something for him.
    4. He felt that God has forgotten him (42:9,43:2).
  5. The author went through 3 stages before he came to victory and peace.
  6. Stage 1: Longing for God (42:1-5)
    1. The living God (42:2) was God of his life (42:8). He needs God as a deer needs air (42:1), water (42:1) and food (42:3) to live. He was weeping day and night longing for God.
  7. Stage 2: Remembering God (42:6-11)
    1. In the midst of despair (42:6), he remembered God. God is in control (42:8). God’s song (42:8) accompanied the author in the night as he wait for the dawn.
  8. Stage 3: Trusting God (43:1-5)
    1. He put his hope in God (42:11, 43:5), because the dawn will surely come. God’s light and truth lead him to God’s holy hill and dwelling places (43:3)

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