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Romans 15 – The Life of Body of Christ

  • Strong believers ought to consider weaker believers (v1)

  1. Do not please ourselves, please others instead, like Christ (v3, Ps 69:9)
  2. Do not cause our weaker brothers to stumbles (14:21)
  3. Do not despise our weaker brothers (14:2)
  4. Accept one another, like Christ (v7)
  5. We do this to with hope to build up (14:19), not to tear down (14:20) our brothers up so they can be edified (v2) and become more mature spiritually.
  • We live to glorify our God (v6)

  1. When we treat each others according to God’s will, God is glorified (v7)
  2. God has lessons for each one of us to learn, no matter where we are spiritually.
  3. The bible is our compass of conducts in life
    1. God gives us perseverance and encouragement through scriptures (v4,5)
    2. Many examples of life changed in this bible
    3. God has changed us
    4. God will change the weaker members as well
  • Christ ministers to both the Jews and Gentiles (v8-9)

  1. These scriptures show that salvation is not exclusive to Jews, God has gentiles in mind in the beginning
    1. v9 is a quote from 2Sa 22:50, Ps 18:49
    2. v10 is a quote from Deut. 32:43
    3. v11 is a quote from Ps 117:1
    4. v12 is a quote from Isa 11:10, Rev 5:5, Rev 22:16
  2. God’s principle – Jews first, Gentile next
  • Paul’s ministry (v16-33)

  1. He was a minister of Christ Jesus, a priest of the gospel of God, (v16), preached the gospel of Christ everywhere he went (v19).
  2. Paul’s ministry is to preach places where Jesus has not be preached, he used Isa 52:10 (v21) to back up his action.
  3. Paul’s was longing to have fellowship with the believers in Rome (v23)
  4. However he was delaying his trip to Rome because of his duty to deliver some funds to the Jerusalem’s church (v26)
  5. Gentiles believers are indebted to the Jews because the gospel came from Jews (v27)
  6. Paul acknowledged he needed the prayers of others (v30)

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