Psalm 45

  1. A marriage love song for the King(1,11,14), possibly King Solomon when he married the daughter of Egypt (1 King 3:1).
  2. Why we think he is Soloman? Because
    1. Solomon was noted for his wealth in gold (9,13; 1 King 9:28)
    2. Solomon had close association with Tyre (v12; 1 King 9:10-14)
  3. However it is clear that the one “greater than Solomon” (Matt 12:42) is present in this Psalm. To Jew, this is a Messianic Psalm, Christians know the Holy Spirit is referring to our Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. The Gracious Son of Man (1-2)
    1. verse two describes the beauty of this son of man. Jesus is the ultimate son of Man. When Jesus was on earth, He had no physical beauty (Isa 53:2), however today Jesus is the center of heaven’s glory and the focus of heaven’s worship (Rev 4-5)
    2. Visitor came from distant lands to hear Solomon’s wisdom (1 King 4:29-34), but the Father has hidden all the treasures of divine wisdom in Jesus Christ (Col 2:3)
  5. The Victorious Warrior (3-5)
    1. This King is a warrior. Solomon however was never a warrior. The author is referring to Jesus as the God’s warrior, who had victory over Satan at the calvary.
    2. All Christians are warriors, the war zone is in the spiritual realm. Our weapon is the sword of Spirit, which is the Word of God. (Eph 6:17)
  6. The Righteous King (6-7)
    1. Author refers to this King as God.
    2. Hebrew 1:8 reference v6-7, referring to Jesus
  7. The Glorious Bridegroom (8-17)
    1. Describes a Jewish King’s wedding, it is a picture of Jesus Christ and His church.
    2. The Groom is the Lord of the bride (v11)
    3. Today’s the church is filled with many issues, but on the wedding day, the Church will be in glory. (Heb 2:10)

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