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Psalm 48

  1. This Psalm is frequently grouped together with Psalm 46 and 47.
  2. The historical background is clear, but could be
    1. God defeated the Assyrians in King Hezekiah time (2 King 18-19 and Isaiah 36-37)
    2. Or God defeated Ammon and Moab and men from Mount Seir in King Jehoshapaht time (2 Ch 20)
  3. Emphasized on God and the city of God.
  4. Today’s Christians are citizen of Zion that is above (Hebrew 12:18-24)
  5. The Lord cares for us just as He cared for the ancient city of Zion.
  6. King David took Mt. Zion from Jebusites (2 Sam. 5:6-9) and made Jerusalem the capital of his kingdom. King David brought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem, and this made Zion a “holy mountain” (v2), “the city of God” (v1).
  7. The greatness is not because of the city itself, but because of the God of the city.
  8. Zion is the joy of the whole earth (v3), because outside of the wall of Jerusalem was where our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of the world.
  9. The celebration spread from Jerusalem to Judah (v11) to the ends of the earth (v10). It is the celebration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  10. Sons of Korah showed pilgrims Jerusalem’s towers, ramparts and palaces (v12-13). But they were reminded it was God who detected the enemy.
  11. The Jews is committed to tell their next generation the work of God to His people. (v13). Christians need to the Gospel to our next generation, and show to our next generation that God is a living God who live forever and God is the guide in our life (v14).

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