Psalm 67


Author was not mentioned. This psalm shows that God’s message is not only for Israel, but for all nations, all peoples. Except for v1 and 6, each verse mentions “all nations” or “all peoples”. This was part of God’s covenant with Abraham (Gen 12:1-3).


v1: [Be gracious to us and bless us]: Give us blessings we do not deserve. [And cause His face to shine upon us]. The psalmist didn’t just ask for blessing, he desires the fellowship with God and to see God’s glory. When God’s face shine upon us, what do we see? God’s glory. This is adapted from the High Priestly prayer in Numbers 6:24-26

v2: [Your way….Your salvation]: What is the glory of God? That is His way and His salvation. Jesus Christ is God’s way and God’s salvation plan for mankind. Jesus said He is The way, The truth and The life, no one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6) Jesus is our salvation. That is the meaning of His name (Matt 1:21). [among all nations]: The author desires to see God’s way and God’s salvation be known among all nations, not just the nation of Israel. Do you have the desire like the author to let Jesus known among friends, family and people that God have brought into your life?

v3: [Let all peoples praise You]: God gave His son to die for us, God is worthy of our praises!

v4: God is a righteous God, He is The Judge of our life, and the life of all peoples, believers or not. God is in control of all the events of all nations. Let’s sing for joy to praise Him!

v5: a repeat of v3, showing us the heart of the psalmist to praise God when he wrote about the characters of God.

v6: The author acknowledge that results of good harvest is the blessing from God. We can sow and plan, but only God can grow the crops.

v7: The psalmist desires to see nations would come to know and fear God through the blessings God has given to them. Do you have the same desire to want others to know Jesus buy sharing the testimony of God’s blessing in our life?

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