Psalm 66


Second in a series of four Psalm of praise (Ps 65-68). Author was not identified in the title. Spurgeon thought it could be written by David. Some thought it was written on the laying of the foundation of the second temple (Ezra 3:13).


v1: In Ps 65, Citizen of Zion started with worship to God in silence. In this Psalm, the worship started with shout of joy! Sometimes we just need to shout with the top of our lung to worship God! It is a called to the nations to worship the one true God. We may speak different languages, but we can all offer our worship in songs in our own languages to the one true God.

v:2 Worship to God is never to be boring, dull, without live. Let’s make worshiping God the glorious thing to do in our daily life. I am not referring to music with all kind of instruments, although that is a fine way to praise Him. I am referring to our heart. How do we feel when we come into His presence? Do we feel repetitive and boring to praise God, or do we feel glory in His presence?

v3: [Your enemies will give feigned obedience]: Power bring a man to his knees, but only love could win his heart. Pharaoh let the Israelites go, but it was a fake obedience.

v4: [All the earth will worship You]: today there are fake obedience on people who claims to be Christians. But one day, all the earth will truly worship God. We do not just worship an unknown God, we worship the God who reveals Himself to us by His names!

v5-7: No one could remain prideful before the almighty God who divided the red sea.

v10: [You have refined us as silver has refined]: It is God purpose to mold us into the image of Jesus Christ.

v11-12: God purposely let me face hardship in life to refined us. But He will ultimately bring us in to a land of abundance. He grace is sufficient for us (2 Cor 12:9).

v16-17: Do you have first hand experience with God? All Christians should have first hand experience with God, and willing to share with others.

v18-20: One of the reasons why God does not listen to our prayers is because of the wickedness in our heart. It is a wonderful experience when God hears our prayers, because we know we are right in the eyes of God. When our prayers are answered, we need to give thanks to Him!

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