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Romans 13 – Living out Christ in society and relationships

 Living out Christ in society                                                       

  • Authorities were created by God (v1, 1 Peters 2:13 – 15)
  • Learn to live under under authority because God is ultimate authority, (v1)
  • Submitting to the authorities is submitting to God.(v2)
  • What occurs when God and man’s authority oppose each other?
  • God’s authority always higher than man’s (Act 5:29)
  • Daniel and his prayers to God (Daniel 6:13)
  • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refuse to worship idol (Dan 3:18)
  •  God uses rulers for good as his servants (v4)
    • Nebuchenezzar and Cyrus
    • Rulers may still do things that displease God.
  •  Disobedience to authority can lead to punishments (physical) or effect our conscience (spiritual)(v5)
    • Conscience – (1 Titus 1 : 5, 1 Cor 10:25-29)                
    • Pay taxes because it is required of everyone. (v6-7)                                         
    •  Jesus paid taxes
    • Jesus submitted to authorities.

Living out Christ in relationships

  • Law (the commandments had 2 sections) 1st part was concerning God, the 2nd was concerning man (Luke 10:27)
  • Love is fulfillment of the law (v8)
  •  Loving your neighbor is a commandment summed up by the commandments of God. (v9)
  •  Jesus fulfilled the law also (Matt 5:17)            

ConclusionLive the kind of life that honors Jesus

  • Now is the time to live out the life of Jesus (v11)
  • The time of Christ’s return is near, are you ready? (v12)
  • How should we live? (v13-14) When people look at us, they should see Jesus.

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