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Romans 1-12 – Key Message on Each Chapter

Romans 1-8 Becoming a Christian

Romans 1: Introduction

Gospel is about Jesus Christ (v3)

Jesus was prophesied in the Scriptures through the prophets(v2)

Work of the Gospel is for the Jews And for the Gentiles(v14)

Gospel is power of God to save Jews and Gentiles(v16)

God’s righteousness

God righteousness (v17,20) 

Man’s unrighteousness (Gentiles)

Suppress the truth (v18)

Worship of idols (v24)

Perversion (v26)  

Evil deeds:wickedness,evil, greed, depravity, envy,murder,strife,deceit… (v29)

Romans 2: God’s Judgment

God’s judgment has basis, man’s judgment leads to condemnation(v1-2)

God judges all, Jews and Gentiles alike(v9,v11)

Judge through Jesus Christ (v16)

Unrighteousness of the Jews

Jew’s have law, but did not obey the law(v13)  

Circumcision of the heart, not of the flesh defines real righteousness (v25-29)

Romans 3: Unrighteousness of All

Jews and Gentiles alike have all fallen short(v8-9,v23)

Law cannot save Jews, law makes us aware of sin (v20)

Justification (Principle)

Through Jesus Christ(v22, 24)

By faith (v27-31)  

Romans 4: Justification (Illustrated)  

Abraham credited as righteous because of faith(v3)

Righteousness credited to someone who believes(v5)

Circumcision came after he was credited as righteous(v9—10)

Gentiles credited with righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ(v23-25)

Romans 5: Fruits of righteousness

Past was wrath of God, after justification, peace and joy(v1-3)

Jesus died while we were sinners, not because of what we had to offer(v6-8)

Saved from God’s wrath because of Jesus’ death

Sinful nature

Sin entered through Adam, before the law(v12)

Sinful nature in us, therefore all of Adam’s descendants die(v14)

Jesus gives life, his death deals with the sinful nature(v16,18-21) 
Romans 6: Baptism: Death, Burial and Resurrection, Sanctification

Died with Christ(v3)

Buried, raised to a new life (v4)

Death: To Sin(v11), to self(v12)

Alive in Christ (v8)

Freed from Sin, slaves to righteousness(v18-23)

Romans 7: Importance of death

Death, through Christ, brings freedom from the law.(v1-6)

Law of sin

Natural law that works in us.(v21-23)

Romans 8:  Law of the Spirit

Holy spirit against the law of sin and death (v1-3)

Live according to the Spirit, heirs to God’s glory (v9 – 17)

Future Glory

Adoption as sons (v23)

Body redeemed (v23) 

With God forever(v28-39) 

Romans 9 – 12 Answering questions about Israel

Romans 9: God’s sovereignty

Natural children, descendants of Abraham (v 6)

Children of the promise, God’s real children(v8 – 10)

Election to glorify God (v11-18)

Esau and Jacob as example

Israel’s unbelief

Pursued the law, missed out on grace, stumbled when it came to Christ(v32-33)

Romans 10: Israel’s deeds 

Pursued the law, but did not see God’s righteousness. (v3)

Christ is the end of the law(v4)

Faith come from hearing the Gospel(v17)

Romans 11 : Israel’s remnant

Romans 12- 16 Living as  a Christian

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